DURAN® Weighing Bottle, with ground lid


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  • Complies with DIN 12605
  • Manufactured from borosilicate glass 3.3
  • Close-fitting lid prevents any sample loss during transport after weighing
  • Fired-on, highly durable white ceramic

Product Overview

In order to carry out reactions in a controlled manner, it is essential to know the quantities of substances required and to weigh the corresponding substances accurately. A weighing glass can be used for weighing. The associated lid allows the weighing pan to be closed and thus prevents, for example, turbulence of the weighed-in solids during transport.
Since even the smallest contamination of the weighing glass can have an effect on the weighing inheritance, the glass in the area of the ground joint and the lid knob are so pronounced that they can be grasped and moved with forceps or tweezers.


low form

Catalog No Capacity (mL) Diameter d (mm) Height h (mm) Quantity
242101304 5 28 25 10
242102309 15 38 30 10
242103202 30 54 30 10
242104104 80 85 30 10

high form

Catalog No Capacity (mL) Diameter d (mm) Height h (mm) Quantity
242112301 45 38 70 10
242111305 10 28 40 10
242112404 70 44 80 10
242111802 20 32 50 10

Available Options

2421023Weighing Bottle Flat Shape 15ml with Ground Lid RM176.00
2421032Weighing Bottle Flat Shape 30ml with Ground Lid RM196.00
2421013Weighing Bottle Flat Shape 5ml with Ground Lid RM152.00
2421041Weighing Bottle Flat Shape 80ml with Ground Lid RM309.00
2421113Weighing Bottle Tall Shape 10ml with Ground Lid RM150.00
2421118Weighing Bottle Tall Shape 20ml with Ground Lid RM165.00
2421123Weighing Bottle Tall Shape 45ml with Ground Lid RM178.00
2421124Weighing Bottle Tall Shape 70ml with Ground Lid RM198.00