DURAN® TILT Bottle Light Shield, silicone rubber, white

Product Overview

The DURAN® TILT Light Shield is a white silicone sleeve that covers 94% of the bottle surface. The sleeve has a number of protective functions: it blocks damaging ultraviolet light (UV), protects the glass surface from damage, and facilitates safer handling. DURAN® TILT Light Shield includes four GL 56 Bottle Tags (Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple) made from silicone.
  • Manufactured from silicone
  • The white DURAN® TILT Light Shield is a silicone sleeve that covers 94 % of the bottle surface and blocks damaging ultraviolet light
  • Protects the glass surface from damage
  • Facilitates safer handling
  • Silicone provides a much better grip than glass especially when the bottle has been sprayed with 70 % alcohol for surface disinfection
Catalog No Color
292435601 White