DURAN® Petri Dish, pressed

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DURAN® Petri Dish, pressed

  • > Complies with DIN 13132
  • > Manufactured from borosilicate glass 3.3
  • > Facilitated fractionated dilution smear by division (into 2, 3 or 4 parts)
  • > Available half-, three- and four-sectional or without sections


Product Overview

Cultivation of microorganisms can take place on a gel-like nutrient medium, which is placed in a flat, round, transparent dish with lid (the so-called Petri dish). Due to the solid gel, mixing of the microorganisms is prevented and larger cell culture accumulations (colonies) can grow. DURAN® Petri dishes are manufactured from borosilicate glass 3.3 using a special manufacturing process. They allow an even distribution of the culture medium and guarantee a distortion-free view. The lids of the DURAN® Petri dishes rest directly on the lower part and thus prevent turbulence of the protruding air space. This is well suited for reactions with long incubation times, at high temperatures or with sensitive culture media.


Catalog No Diameter d (mm) Height h (mm)
2175048 100 20


Catalog No Diameter d (mm) Height h (mm)
2175248 100 20



Catalog No Diameter d (mm) Height h (mm)
2175348 100 20


Without sections

Catalog No Diameter d (mm) Height h (mm)
2175446 100 15
2175448 100 20


Diameter d (mm) : 66
Diameter (mm) : 66
Thread : GL 45
Color : blue-yellow
Colour : blue-yellow
Material : PP, PTFE, Silicone
Height (mm) : 38
Autoclavable : Yes