DURAN® Open Topped Screw Cap, with central aperture, PBT, red


  • Open topped screw cap with central aperture
  • Compatible with GL lab bottle threads
  • Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) offers high temperature and chemical resistance
  • Glass reinforced PBT offers high strength

Product Overview

Open topped cap with central aperture suitable for use with bromobutyl stoppers, silicone piercing septa or glassware connections. Glass reinforced red PBT offers high temperature and chemical resistance.


Catalog No Thread Diameter d (mm) Height h (mm) Bore (mm)
292270602 GL 18 23 20 11
292270508 GL 14 20 17 9.5
292270808 GL 32 42 26 20
292270902 GL 25 33 23 15
292271007 GL 45 54 28 34

Available Options

2922705PBT Screw-Cap with Aperture, Red, GL14 RM11.00
2922706PBT Screw-Cap with Aperture, Red GL18RM13.50
2922708PBT Screw-Cap with Aperture, Red GL32RM19.20
2922709PBT Screw-Cap with Aperture, Red GL25RM18.90
2922710PBT Screw-Cap with Aperture, Red GL45RM51.00