DURAN® GL 45 Screw Cap Holder, for autoclave thermocouples

  • Manufactured from stainless steel type 316L, PTFE, silicone, polypropylen
  • Holding up to three separate thermocouple wires (Conductor sizes 1/0.3 mm, 1/0.5 mm or 7/0.2 mm))
  • The 240 mm PTFE tube may be cut to length for smaller botttles
  • Usable with DURAN® original GL 45 laboratory bottles (1000 ml or less)

Product Overview

The DURAN® Screw Cap GL 45 Thermocouple Holder consists of a holder fitted into a blue DURAN polypropylene GL 45 cap that accepts up to three separate thermocouple wires used in autoclaves or sterilizers. A particular issue when using thermocouples is that their very thin connection wires have a tendency to curl, making it difficult to maintain the tip (where the temperature is measured) in the correct position within the bottle during the entire sterilizing cycle. To overcome this problem, the DURAN® Screw Cap GL 45 Thermocouple Holder has a hollow PTFE tube to keep the wires straight.


Cat.No : 2999228

Diameter d (mm) = 54
h (mm) = 21.3
h1 (mm) = 24.8
Diameter (mm) = 54
Thread = GL 45
Material = PP, PTFE, Silicone, Stainless Steel Type 316L
Height (mm) = 21.3
Autoclavable = Yes
Retrace Code = This is a lot number printed on the product during the manufacturing process used for identification of the production unit, the production work order and for traceability of the materials used.
Quantity = 1