DURAN® GL 45 HPLC Storage Bottle, with GL 45 side neck

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DURAN® GL 45 HPLC Storage Bottle, with GL 45 side neck

  • > Manufactured from borosilicate 3.3 glass
  • > Convenient – Side neck allow solvent filling without main delivery cap removal
  • > Safe – Capped bottles reduce the risk of volatile organic compounds (VOC) escape and spillage
  • > Compatible – GL 45 threads fit standard HPLC connection caps
  • > The material of choice for HPLC solvent bottles: borosilicate 3.3 glass offering a very low inorganic ion extractables profile
  • > Clear DURAN® is a borosilicate glass type 3.3 as specified by the international standard ISO 3585, and is classified as a “Type I, Class A low-expansion borosilicate glass” as defined by ASTM-E438-1992
  • > Useful 2 Liter capacity
  • > Retrace Code, and certificate for manufacturing lot traceability
  • > Durable white enamel volume graduations


Product Overview

DURAN® bottles are ideal for the storage and delivery of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) mobile phases and solvents. Increasing the number of GL 45 inlets on the bottles adds convenience: One additional side neck allows additional solvent to be added without disturbing the main delivery cap.
Catalog No Capacity (mL) Thread Diameter d (mm) Height h (mm)
2199007 2000 GL 45 136 260.5

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