DURAN® Culture Flask, Roux Type, conical neck, eccentric

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  • Manufactured from borosilicate glass 3.3
  • With this design, the neck is eccentrically positioned and thus prevents the liquid culture medium from leaking
  • Due to the flat, large floor surface, the layer cover of microorganisms can grow evenly high
  • The large liquid surface ensures better aeration and thus faster growth of the microorganisms

Product Overview

Microbiology is an important field of biology and medicine and deals with microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, protozoa or viruses) and their habitats and conditions. For this purpose, it is essential to produce pure culture media on which the corresponding microorganisms can grow. Irradiation of the media with IR or UV light can accelerate the growth of the cultures. Culture flasks have large bottom surfaces. They should be as flat as possible so that the layer thickness of the medium is uniformly high.


Catalog No Capacity (mL) Height h (mm) Length l (mm) Width b (mm) Quantity
2157158 1200 56 275 123 10