BioDolphin / Plus Suction Kit


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◆ Quick connection
◆ One-finger tip ejection
◆ Ergonomic lock switch design
◆ Multi-functional storage rack
◆ Autoclavable

BioDolphin Suction Kit Product Features


  • Quick connection
    Easy installation between handle and adaptors.
  • One-finger tip ejection
    Ergonomic ejector makes tip removal easy and effortless.
  • Easy lock switch
    Keep continuous suction with a single click to save efforts during repetitive procedures.
  • Multi-functional storage rack
    Accommodating all accessories in this rack to keep a tidy working environment. Built-in liquid tray collects dripping liquid from the adaptors and can be cleaned easily.
  • Autoclavable
    The complete kit except the storage rack is made of autoclavable materials including POM and SS304.


BioDolphin Suction Kit Video


BioDolphin Suction Kit Applications


  • Cell culture aspiration
  • Laboratory waste suction

BioDolphin Suction Kit Ordering Information


Part NumberDescription
199100-00BioDolphin Suction Kit (Light blue)
199200-00Plus Suction Kit (Light blue)
199110-00BioDolphin Suction Kit (Deep blue)
199210-00Plus Suction Kit (Deep blue)
199130-00BioDolphin Suction Kit (Green)
199230-00Plus Suction Kit (Green)


Suction Kit : 


Part NumberDescription


Plus Suction Kit (Light lue)


BioDolphin Suction Kit (Light blue)

199100-30[1] – Handlevv
199100-46[2] – 1-channel tip adaptor (50 mm) v
199100-76[3] – 1-channel tip adaptor (150 mm)vv
199100-47[4] – 1-channel SS adaptor (40 mm) v
199100-48[5] – 1-channel SS adaptor (80 mm) v
199100-49[6] – 8-channel SS adaptor (40 mm) v
199100-75[7] – 1-channel tip adaptor with ejectorvv
199100-50[8] – 8-channel tip adaptor with ejectorvv
199100-61[9] – Rack v

BioDolphin / Plus Suction Kit Specification


▸ Patent: M429771
▸ Operation type: Press to suck
▸ Hose barb: ID6
▸ Dimension (LxWxH): 15 x 15 x 20 cm
▸ Handle – POM
▸ 1-channel tip adaptor (50, 150 mm) – POM
▸ 1, 8-channel tip adaptor with ejector – POM
▸ 1, 8-channel S.S adaptor – POM and SS304
▸ Rack – ABS


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