LF 5a – 500 Filtration Apparatus


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Filtration Apparatus Features

  • Spin-lock connection facilitates fast and stable installation without clamp.
  • PES structure offers excellent smash, high temperature resistance and autoclavable.
  • Reusable, friendly to the earth and save your money.
  • Funnel graduated in 50 ml increments for easy measurement.
  • LF 3/5 equips with No.16 stopper that allows it to the other receiver Flasks.
  • LF 3a/5a is available to fit different tissue bottle.


  • General filtration
  • Waste suction

Filtration Apparatus Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
197010-34LF 5a – 500 filtration Apparatus
197000-07LF 5a 500 ml PES filter holder
197000-56500ml PES funnel
197000-38Tissue bottle adaptor
197000-37Support screen
197500-58500ml Tissue bottle


LF 5a – 500 Filtration Apparatus Specification


▸ Funnel capacity: 500 ml
▸ Filter diameter: 47mm
▸ Syringe filter: 25 mm, 0.2μm
▸ Lid inlet fitting diameter: 7 mm
▸ Funnel – PES
▸ Support base – PC
▸ Membrane support – PP
▸ Funnel cover – PP (optional for LF 5a)
▸ Cap of lid – Silicone
▸ Syringe filter – PTFE


Available Options

TI197000-07LF5a, PES Filter Holder 500ml with lid kitRM983.00
TI197010-34LF 5a - 500 filtration setRM1,086.00