300ml Glass Filter Holder Sintered Glass Support


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Sintered glass Filter holder Features


  • The screwthread connector helps remove the silicone tube quickly.
  • The silicone fixing sucker prevents the receiver flask from tipping over accidentally.


Sintered glass Filter holder Application


  • Solvent purification and general filtration such as microbiological test
  • Suspended solid analysis etc.


Sintered glass Filter holder Ordering Information


Product Part Number
167120-31300ml Sintered glass Filter holder
(Contains the following three items)
167210-03Ⅰ . 300ml glass funnel
167240-01Ⅱ . Aluminum clamp
167230-03Ⅲ . 47mm Sintered glass support base (Including No.8 Silicone Stopper)

Sintered glass Filter holder specification


Funnel: Borosilicate glass
Support base: Borosilicate glass
Membrane support: Sintered glass
Clamp: Aluminum
Stopper: Silicone rubber (No.8)



Available Options

TI167120-31300 ml Glass Filter HolderRM1,311.00
TI167210-03Glass Funnel 300ml, 47mm for VF3/VF6/VF7RM341.18
TI167230-03Glass Support Base 47mm for VF6 ( Including No.8 silicone stopper)RM757.65
TI167240-01Anodized Aluminum Clamp 47mm for VF3/VF6/VF7RM398.82