VF 8 Filtration Apparatus


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Filtration Apparatus Features:


  • Clearly-marked graduations in the funnel are convenient for sample addition.
  • Sintered glass or stainless steel screen membrane support to meet your needs.


Filtration Apparatus Applications


  • Small volume vacuum filtration for biological or particulate contamination analysis.


Filtration Apparatus Ordering Information


Part NumberDescription
167200-08VF 8, 25 mm Microanalysis Glass Filtration Set(includes the following)
167250-05(6) Receiver flask, 125ml
167120-3415 ml Glass filter holder (includes 1/2/3/4/5)
167220-15(1) Glass funnel, 15ml
167240-05(2) Aluminum camp
167230-32(3) Sintered glass support base ( including No.5 silicone stopper)
167230-42(4) PTFE gasket
167230-08(5) Glass support base ( including No.5 silicone stopper)

VF 8 Filtration Apparatus Specification


▸ Funnel: Borosilicate glass
▸ Support base: Borosilicate glass
▸ Membrane support: SS screen with PTFE gasket
▸ Clamp: Aluminum
▸ Stopper: Silicone rubber
▸ Receiver flask: Borosilicate glass

▸ Funnel capacity: 15ml
▸ Flask capacity: 125ml
▸ Filter diameter: 25mm
▸ Hose barb: ID8
▸ Effective filtration area: 2.5 cm2

Available Options

TI167120-34Glass Filter Holder 15ml for VF8RM1,050.00
TI167200-08VF8, Glass Filtration SetRM1,229.00