Oil and Fat Analysis throughout the Food Chain

Measurement of oils and fats are required to improve product yield and quality throughout the food chain; from harvest through to manufacturing of ingredients and the food products themselves. Both time domain NMR (TD-NMR) and benchtop NMR spectroscopy optimise processes at many key stages:

The MQC+ TD-NMR analyser determines oil, water, fat and solid fat content which are all important parameters for quality assurance and control of food products and the ingredients that they are made from. TD-NMR is also used to measure droplet size distributions in food emulsions such as dairy and non-dairy spreads.

The X-Pulse benchtop NMR spectrometer uses chemical information to quantify the proportion of saturated, mono-unsaturated, poly-unsaturated and omega-3 fatty acids in a variety of foods. Furthermore, spectra can be used to distinguish and authenticate different vegetable oils, herbs, spices, plant-based foods and meats, as well as to test for Robusta in Arabica coffee.


These methods are fast, accurate, reproducible and don’t require any expertise for sample preparation and the subsequent analysis. Furthermore, most applications have little or no calibration requirements.


Breeding Simple, accurate and high throughput analysis of oil and water content to optimise seed traits.MQC+ Small Seed Analyser is for single seeds and small seed volumes (up to 14ml), typically used for breeding and other research. To increase laboratory productivity and efficiency, the analyser can be interfaced with a MQ-Auto sample automation system (8 or 14ml volumes only), balance and bar code reader.



TradingRapid and accurate oil and water analysis of oilseeds to determine crop value according to ISO 10565.MQC+ Large Seed Analyser is used for large seeds and seed volumes (40 and 80ml), typically used for determining the value of agricultural produce. It can be interfaced with a balance and automatically calculate oil content per the industry standard to increase productivity.



ProcessingRapid and accurate analysis to improve seed oil yield during crushing and extraction.MQC+ analyser can be used for the rapid measurement of oil (and water) content in seeds before, and in residue after, processing. It provides both a timely and accurate response in comparison to Soxhlet and NIR methods.



ResiduesRapid and accurate oil analysis of oilseed residues according to ISO 10632, and the animal feed products derived from them.MQC+ analyser can be used for rapid measurement of oil (and water) content in oilseed meal which is traded and subsequently utilised in animal feed products. The calibrations are unaffected by particle size and much less sensitive to oil type in comparison to the NIR method.



Edible oilsOptimise physical and sensory properties, or ensure quality, by measuring solid fat at one or more temperatures according to ISO 8292-1 and AOCS Cd 16b-93.MQC+ Solid Fat analyser is ideally suited for quality control as it is easy-to-use. However, it also has the flexibility to be used in a product development or research environment; furthermore, with some additional hardware, the same instrument can measure fat content.



Edible oilsAnalysis of saturated, mono-unsaturated, poly-unsaturated and omega-3 fatty acids by spectroscopy for composition and authentication of vegetable oils.The X-Pulse characterises the fatty acid composition of neat oils and those extracted from various food or produce; software directly calculates the composition from an NMR spectrum without calibration. Alternatively, spectra can be compiled in a database for the purpose of identification or authentication.



Waste EffluentsAnalysis of fat, oil & grease (FOG) in wastewater to increase contractual/legal compliance and minimise sewer blockages.FOG measurements using the MQC+ analyser are faster, more sensitive and accurate than solvent extraction. To increase laboratory productivity and efficiency, the analyser can be interfaced with a MQ-Auto sample automation system.



Solid FoodsImprove your process and quality control by measuring fat in foods, including crisps, nuts, chocolate, milk, nutritional powders, ingredients and much more.MQC+ analyser provides a fast, easy and accurate measurement of fat content for which may also be used in testing and research laboratories.



Food EmulsionsDroplet size distribution, particularly of dairy and non-dairy spreads.MQR can measure droplet size in opaque emulsions with minimal sample preparation and at a temperature that ensures it remains intact.


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