New Loboport System! Rethinking Everyday Lab Work

Designed for an easy everyday lab routine: the new LABOPORT® series offers robust and reliable vacuum pumps and systems. The products’ innovative design is carefully tailored to the users’ requirements and ensures maximum ergonomics.


The new laboratory vacuum pump system guarantees maximum performance and safety in the laboratory, tailored to your individual needs



The powerful basic pump can be easily modified to an even higher environmentally friendly system.

Various system components such as a separator, high-performance condenser and the new vacuum controller, allows the systems to be used for a wide range of laboratory applications.



Flow Rate (max.): 20 l/min.

Ultimate Vacuum (max.): 6 mbar (abs.)

Automatic, accurate recognition and monitoring of the boiling point.

High recovery rates even with low boiling point solvents.

Remote-controlled for safe operation from outside closed fume hoods.


Flow Rate (max.): 20 l/min.

Ultimate Vacuum (max.): 6 mbar (abs.)

Ideal for extremely aggressive/corrosive gases and vapors.

High level of vapor and condensate compatibility.

Integrated gas ballast valve.

Integrated rotational speed control.

New design for easy lab routine

Our proven LABOPORT® laboratory pump series was redesigned with everyday laboratory work in mind. While redesigning the series, KNF took user feedback and expert testing into consideration. The result: clever design, beautifully shaped with advantages in handling and functionality making LABOPORT® user-friendly and tailored to the customer requirements. LABOPORT® offers unique design for lab life.


Modular system for maximum functionality

The new generation of vacuum pumps is modular with a compact design. It offers KNF’s trademark high quality, efficiency and reliability. These pumps were designed to make laboratory processes as simple, economical and reliable as possible. The new ergonomic design is not only space-saving and attractive, but also offers the essential advantages in handling and functionality.


Reliable, safe and compact

Available as a system with a separator and high-performance condenser, the new vacuum pumps allow for creating vacuum systems. This enables environmentally friendly solvent recovery and safe protection against chemicals. The compact LABOPORT® diaphragm vacuum pumps are chemical-resistant as well as oil-free and act as the heart of the new system. Thanks to their integrated manual speed control, the flow rate can be adapted to corresponding applications. The pump is equipped with PTFE/TFM pump heads, PTFE-coated diaphragms and FFPM valves.


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