WD 100 Multiparameter Colorimeter


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◆ 4-in-1 portable reader: COD, Total Phosphorus, Total Nitrogen and Ammonia Nitrogen
◆ User-programmable curves
◆ Fast detection
◆ User-friendly setting
◆ CE, UKCA certificated

Multiparameter Colorimeter Product Features


  • 4-in-1 portable reader
    WD 100 is a portable instrument that reads 4 major water quality measures including COD, Total Phosphorus, Total Nitrogen and Ammonia Nitrogen.
  • User-programmable curves
    WD 100 allows users to enter up to 11 different curves and increases flexibility in different applications.
  • Fast detection
    Read and save testing records in 3 seconds without preheating. Up to 100 data can be stored automatically.
  • User-friendly setting
    Users can add most frequently used programs into Favorite list, making the access even easier.


Multiparameter Colorimeter Product Videos

Multiparameter Colorimeter International certificate


  • CE certification
  • UKCA certification


Multiparameter Colorimeter Applications


  • Wastewater analysis from factories
  • Water monitoring, such as surface water and groundwater
  • Environment monitoring in lake, pond and river


Multiparameter Colorimeter Ordering Information


Part NumberDescription
191100-01WD 100, Multiparameter Colorimeter with AC100~240V, US plug adaptor
191100-02WD 100, Multiparameter Colorimeter with AC100~240V, EU plug adaptor

Multiparameter Colorimeter Specification


▸ Power: DC12V, 1.0A
▸ Power Supply: DC9V battery or power adapter
▸Max. power: 1W
▸ Display: LCD with backlight
▸ Brands of reagents: Hach
▸ Standard program: COD, NH3-N, TP, TN
▸ User-defined curves: 11 curves
▸ Light source: LED
▸ Working Wavelength: 420 nm, 610 nm (automatic)
▸ Detecting time: 3 sec
▸ Optical stability: ≤ 0.005 Abs / 30min
▸ Storage: 100 records
▸ Data information: Item, wavelength, concentration, sample number, time
▸ New weight: 0.5 Kg
▸ Dimension (LxWxH): 23 x 13 x 9 cm


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