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The PM Kit Regular contains all the spare parts required for routine  maintaine of your instrument during the first year of regular use.  The replacement of the spare parts included in the PM Kit  must be carried out by a VELP authorized technician.

The PM Regular Kit is designed to keep your instrument running with high performances while ensuring long life and reliability.

Consider adding a PM Kit to your analytical instruments to benefit from:

  • Reduction of unplanned downtime resulting in an improved profitability and productivity
  • Lower costs of necessary spare parts and extraordinary maintenance service
  • Reduction of lost time associated unplanned service intervals and instrument downtime
  • All the necessary spare parts from the manufacturer, always at hand

The maintenance needs to be carried out by VELP authorized technicians to guarantee durability, performance and VELP quality standards.

The Preventive Maintenance Kit includes:

  • Gasket for GL14 threaded cap (10003351) – x3
  • Tube for air Ø 4x 2,5 mm (10003355) – x1
  • Top reactor gasket (10003529) – x2
  • Gasket for autosampler piston (10003672) – x3
  • Teflon tube AWG16 TW (10004795) – x2
  • Ferule for 10004795 (10004929) – x4
  • OR 4030 Viton (10005506) – x2
  • OR 0160-30 Viton (10005624) – x2


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