COEX Cold Extractor

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Fat extraction for fiber determination

Cold extractor that performs rapid fat extraction on feed samples directly in the FIWE Advance and FIWE glass crucibles.

The?COEX?is used to perform?preliminary defatting of the sample prior to fiber determination with?FIWE?and?FIWE Advance.?The?COEX?guarantee?maximum reliability and is a mandatory step for all feed sample with high fat content.

The efficient pump aspirates and removes the fatty component that will be?collected in a dedicated waste tank/bottle.

the COEX is easy to use and convenient, all the reagents?can be added through the same channel.

Avoid sample loss and transfers

The?COEX?ensures rapid fat extraction directly into the same glass crucibles used by the?FIWE?and?FIWE Advance?whenever the fat content of feed sample is high and need to be reduce to less than 1%.

The crucible containing the defatted sample is transferred directly to the?FIWE?and?FIWE Advance? analyzer?eliminating possible errors due to sample transfer.

Included Accessories

  • Glass crucible P2

Optional Accessories


CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL: epoxy painted stainless steel structure
REAGENT DISCHARGE: peristaltic pump
POWER: 120 W
WEIGHT: 19 Kg (41.8 lb)
DIMENSIONS (WXHXD): 730x300x380 mm (29.5x11x15 in)