MCE Mixed Cellulose Esters Membrane Filters – Sterile



The MCE membranes are made with cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate fibres, they are naturally hydrophilic, mechanically stable and have a high loading capacity. They are suitable for microbiological analysis: colonies counting, microbial growth.


White membranes, black gridded: analysis of bacterium E. Coli, examination of dark colored colonies

Black membranes, white gridded:analysis of yeasts, molds or lesions, examination of light-colored colonies (box of 100 units)

White, plainsterile Quantity 0.45 µm 0.80 µm
47 mm 100 MF047ME045S MF047ME080S


White, black gridded, sterile Quantity 0.22 µm 0.45 µm 0.80 µm
47 mm 100 MF047ME022GS MF047ME045GS MF047ME080GS


Black, white gridded, sterile Quantity 0.45 µm 0.80 µm 8.0 µm
47 mm 100 MF047ME045BGS MF047ME080BGS MF047ME800BGS


Also available in rolls of continuous membranes (roll of 150 units)

Blanche, quadrillée noire, stérile Quantity 0.22 µm 0.45 µm 0.80 µm
47 mm 100 MF047ME022GS/R MF047ME045GS/R MF047ME080GS/R


Noire, quadrillée blanche, stérile Quantity 0.45 µm
47 mm 150 MF047ME045BGS/R

Available Options

FT-MF047ME022MCE Membrane Filter 0.22?m, 47mm (Box of 100)RM241.40
FT-MF047ME045GS/RMembrane Filters MCE 0.45?m, 47 mm, Sterile, Gridded (Box of 100's)RM615.70