PB Blotting Paper for Cobb Method


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The blotting papers are used for their great absorption qualities; they are suitable for the Cobb method (determination of water absorption in the production of sized paper) or for the pulp industry (sheet formation testing).

Grade Weight (g/m2) Absorption capacity (g/m2)
PB190 190 300
PB255 255 490

Available in sheets.

Sort Minimum size Maximum size Code example
F 12×12 68×68 PB190F1515 (sheet of botting paper of 190 g/m2, size 15×15 cm

Available Options

FT-PB190F2020Blotting Paper PB190, 20x20cm, Absorption 300g/m², Weight 190g/m² (Box of 100)RM159.65
FT-PB255F1717Blotting Paper PB255, 17x17cm, Absorption 490g/m², Weight 255g/m² (Box of 100)RM115.65
FT-PB255F2020Blotting Paper PB255, 20x20cm, Absorption 490g/m², Weight 255g/m² (Box of 100)RM143.71