Tanfil 100 Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) System

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Tanfil 100 is a system of tangential flow filtration, which allows the filtrate to flow in a direction parallel to the membrane. The sweep flow generated together with filtration reduces the clogging of the filter membrane and improves utilization of membrane. In addition, as permeate passing through the membrane gets collected in one place , and remaining liquid being recycled and concentrated, thus achieves concentration and diafiltration concurrently. TFF is applied in various biochemical treatments, including DNA/RNA concentration, biomolecule isolation, virus removal, etc.

◆ One-year warranty
◆ Plug & start all-in-one system
◆ Concentration and diafiltration at same run.
◆ Suitable for bioprocesses including DNA and RNA concentration
◆ Easy scale-up. Use same parameters for mass production.
◆ No more membrane fouling, longer lifespan.
◆ CE, RoHS, UKCA certificated

Tanfil TFF System Feature

  • Multi-purpose
    Tangential flow filtration technique enables concentration and diafiltration at same run.
  • Less membrane fouling
    Feed flows parallel to membrane and thus prevents membrane fouling and increases membrane utility.
  • Easy scaled-up
    Use same parameters and conditions from trial to mass production.
  • Plug & start
    Integrated with pump, liquid reservoir and pressure gauges. Plug the tube, add samples and start processing.

Tanfil TFF System Certificate


  • CE certification
  • UKCA certification
  • RoHS certification


Tanfil TFF System Application


  • Concentration and desalting
  • Diafiltration and purification
  • Buffer exchange and dialysis


Tanfil TFF System Order Information


Part NumberDescription
184100-01Tanfil 100, Tangential Flow Filtration System, AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, US plug
184100-02Tanfil 100, Tangential Flow Filtration System, AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, EU plug
203100-01MS 100, Low Profile Magnetic Stirrer with AC100-240V adaptor, US plug
184100-47TYGON®, Sani-Tech® Ultra-C Platinum-cured Silicone Tubind, ID 1/8″ x OD 1/4″, 50ft
184100-48Pharmed® BPT Tubing, ID 1/8″ x OD 1/4″, 25 ft
203100-02MS 100, Low Profile Magnetic Stirrer with AC100-240V adaptor, EU plug
Tanfil 100 TFF system
Max. flow rate0 ~ 460 mL/min (Recirculation)
Noise Level55 dB
Net weight7.8 Kg
Dimension(LxWxH)28 x 33 x 16 cm
Frequency50 / 60Hz
Max. Power50W
Equipped with“PES Reservoir, 500mL”, Pressure gauges, Magnetic stirrer, Tubing