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  • > Manufactured from soda-lime glass
  • > Free from bubbles and streaks
  • > Even distribution of sewing bottom possible


Product Overview

Cultivation of microorganisms can take place on a gel-like nutrient medium, which is placed in a flat, round, transparent dish with lid (the so-called Petri dish). Due to the solid gel, mixing of the microorganisms is prevented and larger cell culture accumulations (colonies) can grow.
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Available Options

2375542Petri Dish 80 X 15mm Soda-Lime GlassRM10.55
2375548Petri Dish 100 X 20mm Soda-Lime GlassRM12.85
2375559Petri Dish 200 X 30mm Soda-Lime GlassRM54.45
1184071Petri Dish 90 X 15mm Soda-Lime GlassRM10.95
2375551Petri Dish 120 X 20mm Soda-Lime GlassRM16.55
2375561Petri Dish 200 X 45mm Soda-Lime GlassRM56.45
2375539Petri Dish 40 X 12mm Soda-Lime GlassRM9.85
2375545Petri Dish 100 X 10mm Soda-Lime GlassRM11.30
2375552Petri Dish 150 X 25mm Soda-Lime GlassRM22.45
2375540Petri Dish 60 X 15mm Soda-Lime GlassRM10.00
2375546Petri Dish 100 X 15mm Soda-Lime GlassRM11.45
2375556Petri Dish 180 X 30mm Soda-Lime GlassRM42.85