Parafilm M – 4″ x 125 Ft (Sealing Film)


Parafilm M, laboratory sealing film, is waterproof, stretchable, moldable, colorless and self-adhering. It is a versatile protection film that provides a moisture barrier to culture media yet it is gas-permeable. It is popular in the laboratory because of its moldability which offers flexibility to seal various objects and apparatus with irregular surfaces and openings. In a less-known yet common field, it is widely used for organic fresh-cut produce. It is used to control ripening and therefore protect the fresh-cut produce from fast deterioration.

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Parafilm M – 4″ x 125 Ft (Sealing Film)

PM-996 (4″ x 125′) SEALING FILM (Parafilm M) – Moisture-resistant, flexible, odourless, semi-transparent, thermoplastic – Gas permeable, hence, ideal for working with culture media – Economical alternatives such as cover, stopper or bung for test tubes, Petri dishes, flasks, and a wide range of laboratory wares with irregular surfaces – Provide friction or prevent slipping between two vessels that are covered by the film – Also used to control fruit ripening, such as banana, and other fresh-cut produce from deterioration (because it is moisture resistant) Efficient and cost-effective covering for: ~ Test tubes ~ Beakers ~ Vials ~ Petri dishes ~ Flasks ~ Various other instruments and objects with irregular surfaces ~ Overwrap to further secure stoppers, lids, and caps ~ Shelf or tray liner to prevent slipping of bottles or instruments SPECIFICATION: – 1 roll of Parafilm M Laboratory Film in a cardboard dispenser. – Item number: PM996 – Roll size: 4 inches x 125 feet – Made in the USA

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