Mtops Heating Tape

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Mtops Heating Cord and Tape

> Heating element is coated by glass fiber, flexible and easy to coil > Heating cords may be most suitable when material is
small size and complicated.
> As flexible heating tapes and cords, easy to use for
glass tube, column, pipelines, etc.
> Max. Temperature 450℃.

Available Options

MS-HT1020Heating Tape 2.54 x 200cm (W x L) ** while stock last **RM118.00 RM168.00
MS-HT25100Heating Tape 2.5cm X 1000cm (W x L) with Cord ** WHILE STOCK LAST **RM1,176.00 RM1,681.00
MS-HT1206Heating Tape 1.27 x 60cm (W x L), 80 WattsRM59.00 RM168.24
MS-HT1210Heating Tape 1.27x 100cm (W x L), 120 WattsRM192.94
MS-HT1220Heating Tape 1.27x 200cm (W x L), 240 WattsRM371.76
MS-HT1225Heating Tape 1.27 x 250cm (W x L), 300 WattsRM485.88
MS-HT1230Heating Tape 1.27 x 300cm (W x L), 360 WattsRM532.94
MS-HT2506Heating Tape 2.5cm X 60cm (W x L) with Cord, 150 WattsRM94.00 RM168.24
MS-HT2510Heating Tape 2.5cm X 100cm (W x L) with Cord, 250 WattsRM322.35
MS-HT2515Heating Tape 2.5cm X 150cm (W x L) with Cord, 380 WattsRM212.00 RM485.88
MS-HT2520Heating Tape 2.5cm X 200cm (W x L) with Cord, 500 WattsRM259.00 RM645.88
MS-HT2525Heating Tape 2.5cm X 250cm (W x L) with Cord, 620 WattsRM789.41
MS-HT2530Heating Tape 2.5cm X 300cm (W x L) with Cord, 750 WattsRM329.00 RM952.94