Membrane Filters

Pall , Glass Fiber Filter (47 mm / 1 μm)


Glass Fiber filter paper has the characteristics of high flow rate and high dirt holding capacity.
It is a hydrophilic membrane and can filter fine particles.
Compared with other fiber materials and synthetic materials, the filtration efficiency is higher, and it can be applied to the determination of suspended solids.
It is expected to filter dirty solutions and biological liquids that are more difficult to filter.
Comply with our Environmental Protection Agency and USEPA regulations.

Pall , MCE membrane (47 mm / 0.45 μm)


MCE hybrid fiber filter membrane is a mixture of nitrocellulose and other cellulose esters.
It is a hydrophilic filter membrane with consistent high flow rate characteristics, and can provide consistent pore structure and wide pore size specifications.
The filter membrane is designed with grid lines to facilitate the calculation of colony counts and is suitable for the detection of bacterial counts, coliforms and other microorganisms.

Membrane Filters Specification


 Specification (Glass fiber filter)
▸ Catalog number: 167100-20
▸ Brand: Pall
▸ Filter diameter: 47 mm
▸ Pore size: 1 μm
▸ Material of filter: Glass fiber
▸ Package: 100/PK
Specification (MCE membrane)
▸ Catalog number: 167100-52
▸ Brand: Pall
▸ Filter diameter: 47 mm
▸ Pore size: 0.45 μm
▸ Material of filter: MCE
▸ Package: 200/PK