Mark3 HP Moisture Analyzer

Mark3 HP Moisture Analyzer

Mark3 is a flexible moisture analyzer system for labs and production facilities. Its optional modular add-ons provide the best solution for every measuring task.

Its high-resolution weighing system also makes the Mark3 HP suitable for precisely analyzing the moisture and water content of very dry samples. This feature makes it a genuine alternative to Karl-Fisher titration.


Mark3 HP Moisture Analyzer with printer, consisting of:

  • LMA100PA-000U control module incl. printer
  • LMA100PQ-000U heater module (0.1 mg, 100 g)
  • optional on request: Moisture Analysis individual Service (YMD01P)


  • Economical and reliable alternative to the Karl-Fischer titration and drying oven methods
  • Intuitive operation – With a learning curve of a few minutes
  • The user starts the measurement by pressing just one button
  • Robust and fast, optimal for routine operation
  • Multi-module operation enables parallel measurements of up to 4 different samples on one single device
  • An extensive range of security settings guarantees reliable results and 100% traceability



Accessories Information

  • Data Printer
    Thermal Printer, built-in


  • Built-in Calibration Weight

Connections (Data)

  • Data Interface


  • Dimensions WxDxH
    41.3 × 49.5 × 23.5 cm


  • Analysis Mode
    Timer mode, when value falls below a defined weight loss per time unit (%/min), trend shutoff
  • Display
    Quarter VGA with contrast adjustment (black on white or white on black), Sealed membrane keypad with audible tactile feedback
  • Display Mode for Results
    Weight, % Moisture, % Solids, % Volatiles, PPM moisture, PPM drying mass
  • Maximum Number of Programs
  • Memory Data Storage
    999 individual results with statistics: average, SD, RSD, high and low
  • Password Protection
  • Scale Interval
    0.1 mg, 0.001%
  • reproTEST
    Built in reproTEST for determining the repeatability of the weighing system

General Specifications

  • Accuracy of the Weighing System
    +/- 0.1 mg
  • Additional Product Specifications
    • Modular configuration: Control and Heater modules (Optional: up to 4 heater modules)
    • Temperature adjustment: Optional fixture for internal electronic two-point adjustment
    • Temperature display: Display of both target and current temp at each stage of testing and standby
    • Conserve mode clock: Programmable time by day of week to shut down and wake up analyzer
    • Balance module design: Monolithic weighing cell with protective stainless steel cover
    • Ideal weight: Audio and visual signal when ideal weight is reached
    • Target limit alert: Minimum and maximum programmable limits and screen alert when test done
    • Operator names: Twenty alphanumeric operator names
    • Graph mode: Graph of temperature and percentage over time
  • Heating Source
    Thermogravimetric, loss on drying, Heat Source: Four parallel infrared quartz cylinders
  • Temperature Range
    30°C – 210° C in one-degree increments/RTD sensor, +/- 1° C, Standby temperature selectable from 30°C – 160°C

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Weighing Capacity
    100 g
  • Recommended Moisture Range
    0.005 – 99.995%

Power Requirements

  • Line Voltage
    90–250 VAC 50/60 Hz self-adjusting power supply

Product Information

  • Brand
    Mark 3