Liquid Nitrogen Container made of Aluminium Type ALU


  • Light aluminium container with compound materials in the neck range
  • Low own weight
  • Superinsolation foil in the vacuum space
  • Low evaporation rate

Standard Equipment

  • Handle
  • Vacuum valve
  • Mini-flange NW 50 KF
  • Loose lied plug

Evaporation Rate

Daily evaporation and static holding time are measured at 20°C, 1013 mb, vessel stationary, lid closed and without transfer siphon system. These values are nominal and can vary according to the history of the vessel and the manufacturing tolerances.

Technical data

Type ALU1020263560100
Capacity [l]122126346099

Max. Operating Overpressure

  • 0%
Weight Empty [kg]611141621,529,5
Weight Full [kg]1428354370110
Overall Height [mm]550605670655870986
Diameter [mm]305388388468468510
Evaporation Rate Static [L/d]0,20,180,20,240,40,55
Static Holding Time [d]67119130140150180
Roller Base Art.No. 26402640264126412642


Optional Accessories