Laboratory Glassware Favorit Filter Crucible


Favorit Filter Crucible

NOTE : 1 The required porosity should be inserted in place of X in the catalogue number.

Available Options

P816511Filter Crucible 15ml Porosity 1RM64.30
P816512Filter Crucible 15ml Porosity 2RM64.30
P816513Filter Crucible 15ml Porosity 3RM64.30
P816514Filter Crucible 15ml Porosity 4RM64.30
P816521Filter Crucible 30ml Porosity 1RM50.00
P816522Filter Crucible 30ml Porosity 2RM50.00
P816523Filter Crucible 30ml Porosity 3RM50.00
P816524Filter Crucible 30ml Porosity 4RM50.00
P816525Filter Crucible 30ml Porosity 5RM57.15
P816531Filter Crucible 50ml Porosity 1RM68.55
P816532Filter Crucible 50ml Porosity 2RM68.55
P816533Filter Crucible 50ml Porosity 3RM68.55
P816534Filter Crucible 50ml Porosity 4RM71.40
P816535Filter Crucible 50ml Porosity 5RM120.00