LN2 Container made of Aluminium Type Arpege


  • Light aluminium container with compound materials in the neck range
  • Low evaporation rate
  • Superinsolation foil in the vacuum space
  • Low own weight

Standard Equipment

  • Handle
  • Safety vacuum valve
  • level and temperature indicator + server option, connection: 4-20mA or RS485 output +MEMO traceability (+ autofill)

Technical data

Type ARPEGEA 40A 70A 110A 140A 170
Capacity [l]4070116144172
Weight Empty [kg]2533425056
Weight Full [kg]5791136166195
Neck Diameter [mm]120215215215215
Overall Height [mm]7357389629111028
Diameter [mm]467586586683683
Evaporation Rate Static [l/d]0,300,600,650,650,70
Storage Capacity of 2mm Vials
Number of Racks64466
Number of Stages559810
Cryo Box Size [mm]76×76133×133133×133133×133133×133
Cryo Boxes per Vessel [piece]3020364860
Capacity Per Box 2 ml25100100100100
Capacity of Vials 2 ml7502000360048006000