Lafil 400 – BioDolphin Suction System


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◆ Innovative all-in-one design, saving 50% of bench space.
◆ Tripping-proof & spill-proof.
◆ Muscle-easing ergonomic handle with lock switch design
◆ Single-finger tip ejection
◆ Autoclavable
◆ CE, UKCA certificated

Laboratory Suction System Product Features


  • All in One, saving 50% space
    Lafil 300 suction system integrates vacuum source, waste bottle and suction kit into one single system. Saving 50% bench space.
  • Oil-free & care-free
    Lafil systems are built-in with oil-free pumps that need no lubricant, making it maintenance-free and oil-mist-free.
  • Safety features
    Multiple safety featured designs protect both the operator and the machine.
    (1) Tripping-proof and spill-proof fence-like bottle platform.
    (2) Overflow protection prevents liquid from entering the pump.
  • One-finger tip ejection
    BioDolphin’s ergonomic ejector makes tip removal easy and effortless.
  • Easy lock switch
    Keep continuous suction with a single click to save efforts during repetitive procedures.
  • Quick connection
    Easy installation between handle and adaptors.
  • Autoclavable
    The waste bottle and all fittings are made of autoclavable materials such as PES or POM.


Portable Suction System Video

Laboratory Suction System Ordering Information


Part NumberDescription
197403-11(22)Lafil 400 – BioDolphin, Suction System, AC110V, 60Hz (AC220V, 50Hz), complete set includes:
▸ 197400-11(22) Lafil 400 vacuum pump, AC110V, 60Hz (AC220V, 50Hz)
▸ 199100-00 BioDolphin Suction Kit (Light Blue)
▸ 197000-11 PES vacuum bottle, 1200 mL
Lafil 400 – BioDolphin Lafil bio suction system
Max. vacuum25 mbar abs.
Max. flow rate23 L/min @ 60 Hz ; 20 L/min @ 50Hz
Aspiration rate19 mL/sec
Noise Level50dB
Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Max. Power100W80W
Safety functionsOverheat protection
Bottle/Flask capacityPES vacuum bottle, 1200 mL
Net weight7.0 Kg
Net weight7.0 Kg


34 x 25 x 30 cm


34 x 25 x 30 cm
Equipped withBioDolphin Suction Kit

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