Laboratory Bottle DURAN® HPLC Bottle GL 45 clear



  • Connection of different hose diameters (1.6 and 3.2 mm)
  • Unused ports can be sealed with silicone blanking seals
  • Optional sterile pressure equalisation sets (membrane filter 0.2 µm
  • Complete system comprising: DURAN® pressure plus laboratory bottle with 4-port screw cap (PP); four screw connections (black, M8 thread) and silicone seals

Product Overview

The DURAN® HPLC bottle is available as a ready-made system. This comprises a special pressure and vacuum resistant bottle and a screw cap with 4 ports. This enables 3 stations to be served at the same time from one vessel. At the same time a sterile pressure equalization can be fitted to the fourth outlet. Pressure and vacuum resistant bottle for HPLC applications.



Catalogue Number Capacity (mm) Thread Height (mm)
1129821 500 GL 45 176
1129820 1000 GL 45 225


DURAN® GL 45 HPLC Bottle, (accessories & replacement parts)

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Available Options

1129821Laboratory Bottle HPLC 500ml GL45RM490.00
1129820Laboratory Bottle HPLC 1000ML GL 45 PPRM513.00
1129812PP Screw-Cap Blue GL45, HPLC, 4 Port AssembledRM328.60
1129813Spare Part Set for HPLC Screw Cap GL 45RM252.90
1137801Pressure Equalization Set for 4-Port Screw Cap (0.2?m incl. Membrane Filter)RM229.00