General Glassware DURAN® PURE Bottle

with DIN Thread
  • Protective cover prevents contamination inside the bottle during storage and transport
  • Single batch delivery
  • Lot specific Certificate of Analysis (CoA)
  • 100% visual inspection
  • Analysis of hydrolytic resistance according to EP, USP and JP for each batch
  • Change control management with advanced notification fo customer in the event of changes
  • 100% traceability of all manufacturing steps
  • A Type III Packaging Material DMF (#28042) for these products has been filed with the FDA

Product Overview

High-quality Type I borosilicate glass bottles GL 25/GL 45 from 25 ml – 20 l, developed for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. DURAN® PURE Bottles are closed with a protective cover to prevent contamination. DWK Life Sciences provides CoAs with each delivery, assures 100% traceability and change control management. DURAN® PURE Bottles are available with the documentation required by regulatory authorities and meet the requirements of the international pharmacopeias.


818011401 DURAN Pure Bottles 25ml, Clear Glass, Graduated, GL 25 (Box of 10)
818012406 DURAN Pure Bottles 100ml, Clear Glass, Graduated, GL 45 (Box of 10)
818013608 DURAN Pure Bottles 250ml, Clear Glass, Graduated, GL 45 (Box of 10)
818014407 DURAN Pure Bottles 500ml, Clear Glass, Graduated, GL 45 (Box of 10’s)
818015403 DURAN Pure Bottles 1000ml, Clear Glass, Graduated, GL 45 (Box of 10)
818016305 DURAN Pure Bottles 2000ml, Clear Glass, Graduated, GL 45 (Box of 10)
818017301 DURAN Pure Bottles 5000ml, Clear Glass, Graduated, GL 45
818018606 DURAN Pure Bottles 10000ml, Clear Glass, Graduated, GL 45
818019105 DURAN Pure Bottles 20000ml, Clear Glass, Graduated, GL45