General Glassware DURAN® PTFE-coated Silicone Septum Seal, Platinum cured silicone

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Septum for Piercing, Use with Open Topped Screw Cap
  • Soft silicone rubber for easy needle penetration and resealability
  • Manufactured from high purity, Platinum catalysed silicone rubber and high quality PTFE film, reducing the risk of solvent contamination
  • The silicone is faced with highly resistant PTFE to protect the silicone from chemical attack by the solvents
  • The septum is suitable for use with all GL 45 sizes of the DURAN® GL 45 bottles from 100 to 20,000 ml
  • A liquid tight seal is provided when used in combination with the red PBT GL 45 open topped screw cap
  • Wide temperature usage range from – 50 °C up to + 180 °C
  • Autoclavable at 121 °C for 15 minutes
  • Dry heat sterilizable at up to 180 °C

Product Overview

High purity PTFE coated silicone septum for use with DURAN® GL 45 open topped screw cap and all
sizes of DURAN® GL 45 laboratory bottles. Can be used for the addition, inoculation or sampling using
a syringe and needle. Ideal for chemistry, life science and biopharma laboratories.


2924830 NEW DURAN® PTFE coated GL 45 Silicone Septum for piercing

Diameter d (mm) = 43
Diameter (mm) = 43
Thread = GL 45
Material= PTFE, Silicone
Septa Thickness (mm) = 3
Rubber Thickness (mm) = 3
Autoclavable = No
Quantity = 10