General Glassware DURAN® Filter Funnel, Büchner, with Sintered Disc


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  • Manufactured from 3.3. expansion borosilicate glass
  • Funnels have an integral sintered glass filtration disc
  • Comprehensive range of funnel sizes and sinter porosities (grades) are available
  • The use of filter paper is not required
  • Resistant to most corrosive reagents including ammonia and concentrated sulphuric acid
  • Filter funnels can be used with a filtering flask via a conical rubber seal (GUKO)
  • Fired-on, highly durable white print

Product Overview

One of the most important separation methods in the laboratory environment is filtration, which is used to separate or clean different media. For this working method, filters are required which are selected according to the application with regard to size and porosity. Büchner funnels are cylindrical with an integral sintered disc. Without additional filter paper, only coarse filtration is possible. Büchner funnels can also be used in vacuum filtration. The applied vacuum accelerates the filtration.

Available Options

2585201Sintered Filter Funnel 50ml Por.1, Disc Dia. 35mm RM325.00
2585214Sintered Filter Funnel 75ml Por.4, Disc Dia. 45mm RM403.00
2585202Sintered Filter Funnel 50ml Por.2, Disc Dia. 35mmRM325.00
2585203Sintered Filter Funnel 50ml Por.3, Disc Dia. 35mmRM325.00
2585204Sintered Filter Funnel 50ml Por.4, Disc Dia. 35mm RM346.00
2585205Sintered Filter Funnel 50ml Por.5, Disc Dia. 35mm RM382.00
2585211Sintered Filter Funnel 75ml Por.1, Disc Dia. 45mm RM366.00
2585212Sintered Filter Funnel 75ml Por.2, Disc Dia. 45mmRM366.00
2585213Sintered Filter Funnel 75ml Por.3, Disc Dia. 45mmRM366.00
2585215Sintered Filter Funnel 75ml Por.5, Disc Dia. 45mmRM480.00
2585221Sintered Filter Funnel 125ml Por.1, Disc Dia. 60mm RM448.00
2585222Sintered Filter Funnel 125ml Por.2, Disc Dia. 60mmRM448.00
2585223Sintered Filter Funnel 125ml Por.3, Disc Dia. 60mm RM440.00
2585224Sintered Filter Funnel 125ml Por.4, Disc Dia. 60mm RM445.00
2585225Sintered Filter Funnel 125ml Por.5, Disc Dia. 60mm RM518.00
2585231Sintered Filter Funnel 500ml Por.1, Disc Dia. 95mm RM805.00
2585232Sintered Filter Funnel 500ml Por.2, Disc Dia. 95mm RM805.00
2585233Sintered Filter Funnel 500ml Por.3, Disc Dia. 95mm RM805.00
2585234Sintered Filter Funnel 500ml Por.4, Disc Dia. 95mmRM868.00
2585235Sintered Filter Funnel 500ml Por.5, Disc Dia. 95mmRM978.00
2585241Sintered Filter Funnel 1000ml Por.1, Disc Dia. 120mm RM1,188.00
2585242Sintered Filter Funnel 1000ml Por.2, Disc Dia. 120mm RM1,188.00
2585243Sintered Filter Funnel 1000ml Por.3, Disc Dia. 120mm RM1,188.00
2585244Sintered Filter Funnel 1000ml Por.4, Disc Dia. 120mm RM1,223.00
2585245Sintered Filter Funnel 1000ml Por.5, Disc Dia. 120mm RM1,839.00
2585261Sintered Filter Funnel 4000ml Por.1, Disc Dia. 175mm RM3,356.00
2585262Sintered Filter Funnel 4000ml Por.2, Disc Dia. 175mm RM5,119.00
2585263Sintered Filter Funnel 4000ml Por.3, Disc Dia. 175mm RM4,996.00
2585264Sintered Filter Funnel 4000ml Por.4, Disc Dia. 175mm RM5,079.00