DWK Dropping Bottle, Clear, Soda-Lime Glass


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DWK Dropping Bottle, Clear, Soda-Lime Glass

Supplied with ground jointed pipette, Complete with Rubber teat
  • > Clear glass pipette with standard ground joint
  • > Tight closure due to standard taper ground joint
  • > Natural rubber teat


Product Overview

Dropping bottles are suitable for liquids which need to be dispensed in small amounts, especially drop by drop. Supplied with rubber teat and ground jointed dropping pipette. Replacement pipettes and rubber teats are available.
Catalog No Capacity (mL) Nominal Size (NS) Height h (mm)
2327017 50 14/15 79
2327024 100 14/15 105


Diameter d (mm) : 66
Diameter (mm) : 66
Thread : GL 45
Color : blue-yellow
Colour : blue-yellow
Material : PP, PTFE, Silicone
Height (mm) : 38
Autoclavable : Yes

Available Options

2327017Dropping Bottle 50ml with Interchangeable Pipette & Rubber Teat,ClearRM85.00
2327024Dropping Bottle 100ml with Interchangeable Pipette & Rubber Teat,ClearRM69.75