DURAN® Metal Wheeled Dolly, for 10 L DURAN® GL 45 bottle, stainless steel

Product Overview

The replaceable collar and carrying handle sections allow the partial reuse of the 5L or 10/20L DURAN® GL 45 bottle carriers (straps, protective base, and pouring handle). The ergonomically designed handles allow easy and safe transport of bottles around the laboratory or production facility. All materials are fully autoclavable. The GL 45 collar once installed is only removable by cutting, so the attachment is totally secure in use.
  • Replacement collar and carrying handle/s allows reuse of the 5, 10 or 20L DURAN® bottle carrying system
  • One handle fits the 5 L DURAN® bottle size, and the other fits both the 10 and 20L DURAN® bottle carrying systems
  • The collar is only removable by cutting what makes the attachment totally secure in use
  • The handles are ergonomically shaped for safe carrying and pouring
Catalog No Remarks
292847304 Replacement handle for 5L bottle carrier
292848609 Replacement handle for 10 or 20 L bottle carrier