DURAN® GL 45 Screw Cap Holder, for autoclave temperature probes

Product Overview

The DURAN® temperature probe holder GL 45 consists of a Stainless steel holder that is permanently fitted into a blue DURAN® polypropylene GL 45 cap. The holder will accept the 6.0 mm metal temperature measuring probes that are commonly used in laboratory autoclaves and sterilizers. Many DURAN® customers use an autoclave to sterilise the liquid contents of DURAN® original GL 45 laboratory bottles. Autoclaves use a metal temperature measuring probe to ensure that the correct sterilisation temperature has been reached. It is important that the measuring tip of the probe is held in the correct position during sterilisation. When sterilizing containers of liquids, it can be difficult to ensure that the temperature probe is maintained centrally within the container and at the desired depth during the entire sterilizing cycle. The DURAN® temperature probe holder GL 45 offers a simple and easy-to-use solution.
  • Manufactured from stainless steel type 316L, PTFE, Polypropylen
  • Adjustable ferrule suitable for 6.0 mm diameter probes
  • The depth of the probe can be adjusted to suit the bottle size
  • Usable with DURAN® original GL 45 laboratory bottles (1000 ml or less)
Catalog No Thread Diameter d (mm) Height h (mm) Height h1 (mm)
299912801 GL 45 54 21.3 25.7