-40℃ Biomedical Freezer (Chest)

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-40℃ Biomedical Freezer (Chest)

This product is designed to store vaccines, blood plasma and many other biological materials. Suitable for scientific research institutes, blood stations, hospitals, centers for disease control and prevention, and material science, electronics and chemical laboratories.

Product Features

-40℃ Biomedical Freezer (Chest)

Reliability and Key Features

● High efficiency low temperature compressor with known field reliability

● Chemically stable, CFC-free, commercially available and environmentally safe refrigerant

● Permanently lubricated cooling fan for safety and longevity , high density insulation foam for stable and long term storage temperature

● Optimized refrigeration system designed to maximize cooling effect and temperature uniformity

● Microprocessor control, digital display, adjustable temperature range: -20°C~-40°C

● LCD digital display for clear observation

● Wide voltage tolerance design with applicable voltage range of 198~252 V/AC

-40℃ Biomedical Freezer (Chest)


● Multiple malfunction alarms to detect high / low temperature, sensor error and power failure

● Two types of alarm indications: audible buzzing and visual flashing light

-40℃ Biomedical Freezer (Chest)

Ergonomic Design

● Door lock for storage safety

● Standard ø25mm access port for testing

● Corrosion proof cabinet interior design

● Suitable for a variety of storage baskets


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