Velp Super-Absorbent Powder, 10 g


Super-Absorbent Powder, 10 g

Super-Absorbent Powder is ideal for sample preparation when analyzing liquid samples as it changes the status of the sample to paste and prevents the overflow of liquid from the tin foil cup.


When there is a large amount of water in a sample, it is necessary to adjust the sample preparation because excessive water leads to two potential unwanted effects:

  • During evaporation, the water lowers the temperature of the combustion zone in the head of the column
  • A large increase in volume due to the liquid water entering the gaseous phase

These potential effects are eliminated by adding 50-100 mg of super-absorbent powder to your sample. The super-absorbent powder absorbs the water and solidifies the sample, facilitating the closure of the tin foil without any loss of sample.

In addition, the super-absorbent powder delays the evaporation of water in the combustion oven.