SciLab® Tetragonal Stainless-steel Wire Basket, with Folding Handle, 2.7~27 LitFor Cleaning · Storage · Transfer


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SL.Bas7031Basket sus 15*15*155RM54.46
SL.Bas7032Basket sus 18*18*185RM59.27
SL.Bas7033Basket sus 20*20*205RM65.52
SL.Bas7034Basket sus 25*25*255RM112.23
SL.Bas7035Basket sus 30*30*305RM152.69
SL.Bas7026Wire Basket, Square-type, STS, 257 x 115 x h116.5mm5RM118.77
SL.Bas7027Wire Basket, Square-type, STS, 242 x 191 x h116.5mm5RM158.36
SL.Bas7028Wire Basket, Square-type, STS, 446 x 256 x h116.5mm5RM221.72