SciLab® 2.5 & 4.5Lit EVA-foam Ice Bucket, with Lid


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SL.Buc8001PCR Tube Block, 96Holes, Aluminium Rectangular5RM557.37
SL.Buc80021.5㎖ & PCR Tube Block, 25 & 32Holes, Al-Rectangular5RM557.37
SL.Buc8003Cryo Tube Block, 35Holes, Aluminium Rectangular5RM655.72
SL.Buc80041.5 & 2㎖ Tube Block, 40Holes, Aluminium Rectangular5RM557.37
SL.Buc80051.5㎖ & 15㎖ Tube Block, 8 & 15Holes, Al. Rectangular5RM852.43
SL.Buc80061.5, 15㎖ & 50㎖ Tube Block, 6, 3 & 8Holes, Al. Rectangular5RM918.02
SL.Buc8011Cryo Tube Block, 19Holes, Aluminium Round Block5RM557.37
SL.Buc80121.5 & 2㎖ Tube Block, 19Holes, Aluminium Round Block5RM557.37
SL.Buc801315㎖ Tube Block, 12Holes, Aluminium Round Block5RM731.15
SL.Buc801450 & 15㎖ Tube Block, 5 & 1Hole, Aluminium Round Block5RM731.15