Porcelain Buchner Funnel, with Fixed Perforated Plate


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SC.BF110Funnel, Buchner, 550㎖ , Plate/Stem Φ112/18㎜, Total/Stem h195/90㎜ , for Filter-Φ110㎜4RM26.70
SC.BF125Funnel, Buchner, 700㎖ , Plate/Stem Φ130/20㎜, Total/Stem h202/93㎜ , for Filter-Φ125㎜5RM31.27
SC.BF13Funnel, Buchner, 2㎖ , Plate/Stem Φ14/9㎜ , Total/Stem h64/36㎜ , for Filter-Φ13㎜5RM4.91
SC.BF150Funnel, Buchner, 950㎖ , Plate/Stem Φ156/24㎜, Total/Stem h221/110㎜, for Filter-Φ150㎜4RM64.51
SC.BF185Funnel, Buchner, 1700㎖, Plate/Stem Φ192/29㎜, Total/Stem h270/115㎜, for Filter-Φ185㎜5RM99.19
SC.BF240Funnel, Buchner, 4500㎖, Plate/Stem Φ248/34㎜, Total/Stem h350/135㎜, for Filter-Φ240㎜5RM283.92
SC.BF320Funnel, Buchner, 7500㎖, Plate/Stem Φ325/45㎜, Total/Stem h405/154㎜, for Filter-Φ320㎜5RM522.04
SC.BF45Funnel, Buchner, 35㎖ , Plate/Stem Φ48/18㎜ , Total/Stem h110/67㎜ , for Filter-Φ45㎜5RM8.51
SC.BF70Funnel, Buchner, 186㎖ , Plate/Stem Φ77/16㎜ , Total/Stem h143/65㎜ , for Filter-Φ70㎜5RM13.37
SC.BF90Funnel, Buchner, 320㎖ , Plate/Stem Φ97/18㎜ , Total/Stem h160/79㎜ , for Filter-Φ90㎜5RM16.98