Rubber Conical Gasket Guko, made from EPDM


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for filtering flasks
  • For mounting a Gooch crucible onto a crucible adapter funnel, or a Büchner filter funnel onto a filtering flask
  • Creates a gas tight seal that allows vacuum filtration applications
  • Set of 8 different size gaskets from 22mm (top diameter) to 84mm (top diameter

Product Overview

One of the most important separation methods in the laboratory environment is filtration, which is used to separate or clean different media. For this working method, filters are required which are selected according to the application with regard to size and porosity. These EPDM conical gaskets are used to mount a Gooch crucible into a crucible funnel adapter or a Büchner filter funnel onto a filter flask to create a gas tight seal that allows vacuum filtration.

Catalog No Diameter d1 (OD) (mm) Diameter d2 (OD) (mm) Height h (mm) Wall Thickness s (mm)
2920223 36 22 25 3.5
2920239 73 52 37 5
2920227 44 27 30 4
2920243 84 61 40 5.5
2920212 22 12 18 2.5
2920232 53 33 35 4.5
2920217 29 16 23 3.5
2920236 63 43 35 5

Available Options

2920212Guko Conical Gasket 22mm (Top OD), 12mm (Bottom OD), 7mm (Bottom ID)RM19.50
2920217Guko Conical Gasket 29mm (Top OD), 16mm (Bottom OD), 9mm (Bottom ID) RM20.90
2920223Guko Conical Gasket 36mm (Top OD), 22mm (Bottom OD), 15mm (Bottom ID) RM26.30
2920227Guko Conical Gasket 44mm (Top OD), 27mm (Bottom OD), 19mm (Bottom ID) RM30.90
2920232Guko Conical Gasket 53mm (Top OD), 33mm (Bottom OD), 24mm (Bottom ID) RM40.70
2920236Guko Conical Gasket 63mm (Top OD), 43mm (Bottom OD), 33mm (Bottom ID) RM46.30
2920239Guko Conical Gasket 73mm (Top OD), 52mm (Bottom OD), 42mm (Bottom ID) RM50.50
2920243Guko Conical Gasket 84mm (Top OD), 61mm (Bottom OD), 50mm (Bottom ID) RM70.30