Proline® Plus Mechanical Pipette, Single Channel


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Proline® Plus Mechanical Pipette, Single Channel

Proline® Plus Mechanical Pipettes, Single Channel, are designed with comfort and durability in mind.


Top Features of Proline® Plus Mechanical Pipettes

  • Comfortable, reliable liquid handling
  • Durable construction Variety of models, including fixed volume
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Fully autoclavable





Popular Applications for Proline® Plus Mechanical Pipettes

  • Microbiology
  • Mass Spectrometry Assays
  • Biochemical and microbiological diagnostic testing


Sartorius proudly presents the Proline® Plus Mechanical Pipette, Single Channel, a durable and reliable mechanical pipette. Sartorius has developed a wide variety of models of Proline® Plus Mechanical Pipettes, including fixed volume starting from 0.1µl (5 µl for fixed) up to 10,000 µl.


Recommended Use

It is recommended that you use Optifit tips or Safetyspace® Filter tips to ensure the best compatibility and performance with Proline® Plus Mechanical Pipettes. These tips will provide maximal pipetting accuracy and precision, thereby enabling the impressive performance specifications given for the Proline® Plus Mechanical Pipette. The tips are made of pure virgin polypropylene and manufactured in protected, clean room conditions.


Maximized Comfort

Proline® Plus Single Channel Mechanical Pipettes have low pipetting forces, comfortable handles and ergonomic finger support for effortless pipetting. A good in-hand fit minimizes the grip force needed to hold the pipette, further enhancing comfort during use. The attractive and ergonomic design of the Proline® Plus Mechanical Pipette, together with its low pipetting forces, reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI).


Pipetting with Ease

The Proline® Plus Mechanical Pipette was designed with ease of use in mind. This mechanical pipette has easy volume adjustment with a click system. It comes with a large display for easy reading of volume and is designed for right and left-handed users. Proline® Plus Mechanical Pipettes are color-coded for simple matching of fitted tips. Finally, cleaning and maintenance are similarly easy, with only three parts needed to disassemble for deep cleaning (without any tools).


Fully Autoclavable

The Proline® Plus Mechanical Pipette is fully autoclavable without the need for disassembly.



  • Application
    • Blood and Plasma
    • Buffer and Media Prep
    • Clinical
    • Food and Beverage
    • Research
    • Vaccine


  • Harmonized Tariff Schedule

Compliance Information

  • Animal Components
  • CSA Compliant
  • Electrical / Battery item


  • Dimensions WxDxH
    280 × 85 × 45 mm


  • Device/Instrument Compatibility
    • Universal Design
    • Safetyspace®
    • Optifit

General Specifications

  • Adjustable Volume
  • Channels

Product Information

  • Brand
    Proline® Plus


  • Volume
    10,000 µL

Available Options

SAR-728550Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 100 ?l, FIXED volume, single-channelRM711.00
SAR-728545Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 50 ?l, FIXED volume, single-channelRM711.00
SAR-728575Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 2000 ?l, FIXED volume, single-channelRM711.00
SAR-728535Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 25 ?l, FIXED volume, single-channelRM711.00
SAR-728570Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 1000 ?l, FIXED volume, single-channelRM711.00
SAR-728530Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 20 ?l, FIXED volume, single-channelRM711.00
SAR-728567Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 500 ?l, FIXED volume, single-channelRM711.00
SAR-728520Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 10 ?l, FIXED volume, single-channelRM711.00
SAR-728565Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 250 ?l, FIXED volume, single-channelRM711.00
SAR-728515Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 5 ?l, FIXED volume, single-channelRM711.00
SAR-728560Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 200 ?l, FIXED volume, single-channelRM711.00
SAR-728090Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 1 - 10ml, VariableRM907.00
SAR-728080Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 500 - 5000?l, VariableRM907.00
SAR-728590Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 10 ml, FIXED volume, single-channelRM711.00
SAR-728070Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 100 - 1000?l, VariableRM907.00
SAR-728580Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 10 ml, FIXED volume, single-channelRM711.00
SAR-728060Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 20 - 200?l, VariableRM907.00
SAR-728050Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 10 - 100?l, VariableRM907.00
SAR-728040Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 5 - 50?l, VariableRM907.00
SAR-728030Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 2 - 20?l, Variable RM1,036.00
SAR-728020Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 0.5 - 10?l, Variable RM1,036.00
SAR-728010Proline Plus Mechanical Pipette 0.1 - 3?l, VariableRM1,036.00