proBLUEVIEW Dual Colour transilluminator


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  • Dual Blue and White light source to image fluorescent and colorimetric gels
  • Magnetic filter compatible with wide range o fDNA stains
  • 3 level adjustable LED intensity
  • High Quality Aluminium housing
  • Automatic power-off to prevent heat build-up
  • Bottom up illumination provides even sample illumination



The proBLUEVIEW mini transilluminator makes bulky UV and White light tables a thing of the past. Featuring powerful LED lighting arrays for both blue (470 nm) and white (broad wavelength) illumination and a much smaller footprint compared to transitional UV transilluminators, the proBLUEVIEW is the perfect tool for imaging a whole range of electrophoresis gels, allowing you to save on bench space. The LED lights mean that UV bulb ageing is no longer an issue and the inbuilt white LED array means separate white light tables are no longer necessary.

The proBLUEVIEW is perfect for teaching labs in universities and schools where space is limited and multifunctional equipment is ideal. proBLUEVIEW is compatible with blue light excited safe DNA stains, as well as traditional stains such as ethidium bromide.

This unit has a 12 month limited warranty, for more information, consult our terms and conditions.

Product Includes: proBLUEVIEW Illuminator with blue and white bases, Orange hinged filter and paper hood


Unit Dimensions (cm)18.5 x 22 x 3
Input VoltageDC 12V, 2A
Safety FeaturesAutomatic Shut down after 5 min
Compliance MarksCE, ETL
Viewing Size (cm)12 x 18
Wavelength (nm)470 + white light

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CS-PROBLUEVIEWBlue Light Transilluminator, 12x18cm (110-240V)RM5,211.00