Lafil 100eco Portable Suction System

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◆ All-in-one, space-saving and spill-proof
◆ Ideal for operation in laminar flow
◆ Safe and convenient
◆ Quieter and eco-friendlier
◆ Autoclavable
◆ CE, UKCA certificated

Portable Suction System Product Features


  • All in One, saving 65% space
    Lafil 100eco suction system integrates vacuum sources, waste bottle and suction kit into one single system. Saving 65% bench space.
  • Eco control feature
    Lafil 100eco pump pauses when maximum vacuum is detected and resumes operation to maintain a constant and stable suction, making Lafil 100eco more energy-saving and quieter machine to work with.
  • Ideal size for in-hood operation
    Lafil 100eco suction system is in perfect size that allows operations in laminar flow hood.
  • Safe and convenient
    (1) Tripping-proof and spill-proof fence-like bottle platform.
    (2) Syringe filter at air inlet prevents liquid from entering the pump.
    (3) Smart built-in tool storage makes it convenient and easy to use.
  • Autoclavable
    All supplied fittings are made of POM material available for autoclave.


Portable Suction System Video

Portable Suction System Certificates

  • CE certification
  • UKCA certification

Portable Suction System Applications

  • Cell culture aspiration
  • Laboratory waste suction

Portable Suction System Ordering Information


Part NumberDescription
197110-01Lafil 100eco, Portable Suction System with AC100~240V adaptor, US Plug
197110-02Lafil 100eco, Portable Suction System with AC100~240V adaptor, EU Plug
197100-10PP vacuum bottle, 1000 mL
197000-60-500Glass bottle with GL45 suction cap, 500 mL
197100-48Anti-UV Cloth Cover
199100-761-channel tip adaptor (150 mm)
Lafil 100eco Lafil bio suction system
Max. vacuum480 mbar abs.
Max. flow rate4.0 L/min
Aspiration rate9 mL/sec
Noise Level50 dB
Max. Power6W
Max.currentDC12V, 0.5A
Bottle/Flask capacityPP vacuum bottle, 1000 mL