General Glassware DURAN® Filter Crucible, Gooch Disc Dia. 20mm, 23mm, 30mm


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  • Manufactured from 3.3 expansion borosilicate glass
  • Fitted with an integral glass sintered disc available in different porosities (grades)
  • Flat bottomed, so the crucible can be safely set down on a flat surface
  • A range of different size glass crucible adapters and rubber adapter sleeves are available for use with these crucibles
  • Fired-on, highly durable white prin

Product Overview

One of the most important separation methods in the laboratory environment is filtration, which is used to separate or clean different media. For this working method, filters are required which are selected according to the application with regard to size and porosity. Gooch filter crucibles are filters that are used for solid-liquid separation by means of vacuum. Filter crucibles have a glass sintered bottom which serves as a filter medium and does not require the use of filter paper. Unlike Büchner filter funnels, Gooch filter crucibles are flat bottomed that allows the crucible to sit safely on a bench allowing further working steps such as the drying of the filter residue in the crucible in a vacuum desiccator.

Available Options

2585102Filter Crucible 8ml Por.2, Disc Dia. 20mm RM138.00
2585103Filter Crucible 8ml Por.3, Disc Dia. 20mm RM138.00
2585104Filter Crucible 8ml Por.4, Disc Dia. 20mm RM150.00
2585111Filter Crucible 15ml Por.1, Disc Dia. 23mm RM142.00
2585112Filter Crucible 15ml Por.2, Disc Dia. 23mm RM142.00
2585113Filter Crucible 15ml Por.3, Disc Dia. 23mm RM142.00
2585114Filter Crucible 15ml Por.4, Disc Dia. 23mmRM162.00
2585121Filter Crucible 30ml Por.1, Disc Dia. 30mm RM120.00
2585122Filter Crucible 30ml Por.2, Disc Dia. 30mm RM120.00
2585123Filter Crucible 30ml Por.3, Disc Dia. 30mm RM120.00
2585124Filter Crucible 30ml Por.4, Disc Dia. 30mm RM122.00
2585125Filter Crucible 30ml Por.5, Disc Dia. 30mmRM146.00