DURAN® Culture Tube, with DIN thread, and screw cap from PBT


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  • Manufactured from borosilicate glass 3.3
  • With DIN thread and screw cap from PBT for airtight sealing
  • High tightness due to PTFE-coated silicone seal

Product Overview

The in vitro cultivation of animal and plant cells in a nutrient medium is an essential part of today’s research in the field of microbiology. These cultivation approaches can take place at different scales – the vessels are selected accordingly. For test runs, rather small vessels such as culture tubes are used. The original DURAN® culture tubes are distinguished by their uniform wall thickness distribution, minimal thermal expansion and the resulting high resistance to temperature changes. They are therefore particularly suitable for work at very high temperatures and rapid temperature changes.


Catalog No Diameter d (mm) Height h (mm) Thread Capacity (mL) Quantity
26135115 12 100 GL 14 6 50
26135125 13 100 GL 14 9 50
26135215 16 160 GL 18 20 50
26135225 16 150 GL 18 20 50
26135235 18 180 GL 18 30 50
26135245 20 150 GL 18 34 50

Available Options

26135115Culture Tube 12 x 100mm with Screw-Cap GL14, 6ml (Box of 50pcs x 2)RM2,725.00
26135125Culture Tube 13 x 100mm with Screw-Cap GL14, 9ml (Box of 50pcs x 2)RM2,762.00
26135215Culture Tube 16 x 160mm with Screw-Cap GL18, 20ml (Box of 50pcs x 2)RM3,463.00
26135225Culture Tube 16 x 150mm with Screw-Cap GL18, 20ml (Box of 50pcs x 2)RM2,873.00
26135245Culture Tube 20 x 150mm with Screw-Cap GL18, 34ml (Box of 50pcs x 2)RM3,869.00