Buffer tablets pH 7.2 for preparing buffer solution acc. to WEISE for staining of blood smears


Catalogue Number109468
DescriptionBuffer tablets pH 7.2
OverviewBuffer tablets pH 7.2 – for preparing buffer solution acc. to WEISE for staining of blood smears, are used to prepare buffer solutions according to WEISE and pH-buffered staining solutions. Phosphate buffer solutions are used in hematology, for the dilution of staining solutions and for the rinsing steps in the staining process. The buffer tablets acc. to Weise will produce a buffered solution (pH6.4/pH6.8/pH7.2) that stabilizes the staining result and gives reproducible staining results. Buffer solution acc. to Weise pH 6.4 results in bright-orange stained erythrocytes and differentiated stained cells with nuclei, whereby the erythrocytes are stained orange when using pH 6.8. Buffer solution acc. to Weise pH 7.2 produces grayish stained erythrocytes and intense red-violet stained cells with nuclei.
100 tablets are sufficient for 100 l buffer solution, each produced solution can be stable up to 4 weeks. Buffer tablets acc. to Weise are IVD products and CE registered. For more details, please see instructions for use (IFU). The IFU can be downloaded from this webpage.

Product Information

HS Code3824 99 96
Quality LevelMQ400


pH-value (1 tablet in 1 l of water)7.15 – 7.25
Crushing strength≥ 50 N
Disintegration time≤ 20 min
Suitability for blood-smear stainingconforms

Safety Information

Storage class10 – 13 Other liquids and solids
WGKWGK 1 slightly hazardous to water
Inorganic salts: Container I. Neutral solutions of the these salts: Container D. Before placing in Container D, check the pH with pH-Universal indicator strips (Item No. 109535).