Buffer Solution & Calibration Solutions

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Buffer Solution & Calibration Solutions

Calibration Standards are an important part of the measuring system. Without which, the measuring meter is redundant. Trans Instruments makes its best efforts in adhering to strict standards of conformance to the National Institute of Standard Test Methods (NIST). These solutions are tested against instruments calibrated against certified standards. Each standard solution is made in soluble form, sealed and date coded to ensure the highest quality and accuracy when delivered. Never compromise with using power form standards which require mixing and handling.


Available Options

TR-SC1413-OCAL 1413µS Standard Conductivity Solution 1000mlRM101.18
TR-ST6440TDS 6440ppm (TDS/Conductivity Standard Solution)RM81.18
TR-ST1382Standard Solution - TDS 1382ppm 1000mlRM81.18
TR-ST0070Standard Solution - TDS 70ppm 1000mlRM81.18
TR-SPKSSStorage Solution 50ml - PH Electrode StorageRM120.00
TR-SPK4M0Electrode Filling Solution - 4m KCL Ref, 50mlRM314.12
TR-SPK3M5Electrode Filling Solution - 3.5m KCL Ref, 50mlRM314.12
TR-SPK3M0Electrode Filling Solution - 3m KCL Ref, 50mlRM314.12
TR-SO475-1000Standard Solution - REDOX 475mV 1000mlRM230.59
TR-SO475-0500CAL 475mV Standard Redox Solution 500mlRM160.00
TR-SO475-0090ORP / Redox Calibration Standard Solution, CAL 475mV 90 mlRM81.18
TR-SDK9030Electrode Filling Solution - DO Electolyte (50ml)RM112.94
TR-SC1288Standard Solution - Conductivity 12.88mS (1000ml)RM101.18
TR-SP0401CAL pH 4.01 Standard pH Buffer Solution 1000mlRM54.15 RM85.88
TR-SC0074Standard Solution - Conductivity 74µS (Bottle of 1000ml)RM101.18
TR-SP0700CAL pH 7.00 Standard pH Buffer Solutoin 1000mlRM38.25 RM60.00
TR-SP1001CAL pH 10.01 Standard pH Buffer SolutionRM38.25 RM60.00