DURAN® YOUTILITY® GL 45 Laboratory Bottle, amber


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DURAN® YOUTILITY® GL 45 Laboratory Bottle, amber

with screw cap and pouring ring (PP, cyan), with DIN 168-1 thread, USP <660>, USP <671> (Spectral Transmission) and EP (3.2.1), graduated
  • > UV protection: USP <660>, USP <671> (Spectral Transmission) and EP (3.2.1) compliant. Less than 10% spectral transmission between 290 nm and 450 nm.
  • > Manufactured from ambered DURAN® borosilicate glass 3.3. DURAN® is a neutral glass, classified as a Glass Type I according to USP <660>, EP (3.2.1) and JP <7.01>, and meets ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements
  • > The only external application of the colour ensures that internal surfaces have standard DURAN® glass properties. Very durable and chemically resistant amber colour.
  • > Easier and safer handling with the award winning design. Specially shaped gripping zones on both sides of the bottle.
  • > Significantly faster opening or closing with the shortened bottle thread which remains fully compatible with GL 45 closures and other accessories
  • > The optimized, ergonomic shape of the screw cap has comfortable grooves and ridges for a more efficient and easier tightening or removal, especially with smaller sized or gloved hands.
  • > The pre-defined labelling areas are compatible with the dedicated DURAN® self-adhesive YOUTILITY bottle labels for unambigious bottle identification.
  • > The slimmer bottle shape allows a more optimal use of limited space in autoclaves and laboratory refrigerators.
  • > The tried and tested cap plug sealing with sealing lip system ensures a liquid tight seal.
  • > Award winning product design: Winner of seven international awards: Red Dot 2014, iF 2014, Silver IDEA International Excellence Award 2014, GOOD DESIGN AWARD Japan 2014, Special Mention German Design award 2015, Nominert DESIGNPREIS DER BUNDESREPUBLIC DEUTSCHLAND 2015, Silver DDC “Good Design 15” Award


Product Overview

International award winning design. The specially shaped gripping zones on both sides of the bottle permit easier and safer handling. The slimmer YOUTILITY bottle shape allows a more optimal use of limited space in autoclaves and laboratory refrigerators. The bottles can be conveniently stacked horizontally on their sides. A pre-defined labelling area is compatible with the dedicated self-adhesive YOUTILITY bottle labels. Sequentially sized bottles 125, 250, 500 and 1000 ml. The glass bottles are moulded from the tried and tested DURAN® borosilicate 3.3, a pharmacopoeial Type 1 neutral glass. DURAN® glass offers a very good chemical resistance and high temperature resistance.
As an alternative to clear DURAN® glass, the amber coloured glass offers protection against ultraviolet light for light sensitive material, and fully meets the requirements of the USP and Eur. Ph. 3.2.1. The amber colour is permanently fired into the exterior glass surface. The treatment does not affect the properties of the inner surface of the bottle. The amber bottles can be used for the storage or transport of chemicals sensitive to light.
Catalog No Capacity (mL) Thread Diameter d (mm) Height h (mm)
218862859 125 GL 45 55 124
218863658 250 GL 45 66 158
218864457 500 GL 45 78 193
218865453 1000 GL 45 93 253


Diameter d (mm) : 66
Diameter (mm) : 66
Thread : GL 45
Color : blue-yellow
Colour : blue-yellow
Material : PP, PTFE, Silicone
Height (mm) : 38
Autoclavable : Yes

Available Options

218862859YOUTILITY Bottle 125ml, amber, Graduated, GL 45,RM165.70
218863658YOUTILITY Bottle 250ml, amber, graduated, GL 45RM197.10
218864457YOUTILITY Bottle 500ml, amber, graduated, GL 45RM210.00
218865453YOUTILITY Bottle 1000ml, amber, graduated, GL 45RM294.30