DURAN® Erlenmeyer Flask, narrow neck


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DURAN® Erlenmeyer Flask, narrow neck

  • Complies with DIN ISO 1773
  • Manufactured from borosilicate glass 3.3
  • Easy mixing due to conical form
  • Easy-to-read scale with graduation marks to estimate the content
  • Fired-on, highly durable white ceramic


Product Overview

Thanks to their exceptional properties, such as excellent chemical resistance, nearly inert behaviour and high usage temperature, the original DURAN® Erlenmeyer flasks are ideal for use in laboratories. Moreover, the uniform wall thickness, minimal thermal expansion and the resultant high thermal shock resistance are outstanding characteristics. Therefore, DURAN® Erlenmeyer flasks are particularly suited to use with very high temperatures and fast temperature changes.
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Available Options

2121614Erlenmeyer Flask Narrow Neck 25mlRM23.00
2121617Erlenmeyer Flask Narrow Neck 50mlRM23.00
2121624Erlenmeyer Flask Narrow Neck 100ml with graduationRM23.00
2121628Erlenmeyer Flask Narrow Neck 125mlRM29.00
2121632Erlenmeyer Flask Narrow Neck 200mlRM23.00
2121636Erlenmeyer Flask Narrow Neck 250mlRM23.00
2121639Erlenmeyer Flask Narrow Neck 300mlRM26.00
2121644Erlenmeyer Flask Narrow Neck 500mlRM30.00
2121653Erlenmeyer Flask Narrow Neck 800mlRM38.00
2121654Erlenmeyer Flask Narrow Neck 1000mlRM46.00
2121663Erlenmeyer Flask Narrow Neck 2000ml with graduationRM82.00
2121668Erlenmeyer Flask Narrow Neck 3000mlRM146.00
2121673Erlenmeyer Flask Narrow Neck 5000mlRM275.00
2199027Erlenmeyer Flask Narrow Neck 150mlRM21.82